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Random Stops in San Francisco

Snap(shot) Judgements are posts that will appear with no real regularity. It’s primarily a way for us to get thoughts and photos up as soon as possible, especially when we have no plan to write a feature-length column on the subject. Here, Gary shows off photos from a stop for coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee, a burrito run at Taqueria Cancun, and a dessert stop at Gelateria Naia.

For the final set of photos from San Francisco, we have a veritable potpourri of different places and foods. On our first morning in San Francisco, JP and I spent some time trying to find a coffee place – Google Maps sent us to a roasting warehouse first – before we finally stumbled upon local fave Blue Bottle Coffee. On our last full day there, we went in search of mission-style burritos and found them at Taqueria Cancun. Later that night, it was gelato at Gelateria Naia as a nightcap after our pizza dinner. See, we really did hit up just about everything on our list of things to do, all in a six-day window. We rock.

Click on the left and right arrows to see more photos from this set; click on Photos to see thumbnails for all the photos in this set.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Coffee shop or mad scientist’s laboratory? Hmmm…

Blue Bottle Coffee

The line started outside the door when we got there. I’d say they’re popular.

Drip Coffee

As black as my soul.


The drip coffee wasn’t enough – I needed the espresso too.

Caffe Latte

Not enough espresso in it but a good job otherwise.

Rosemary Olive Oil Shortbread + Biscotti Regina

The olive oil shortbread was awesome.

Taqueria Cancun

Ain’t nothing like getting your Mexican food at an absolute dive.

Chips & Salsa

The salsa here is spicy.

Carne Asada Burrito

Normally I’d go for the pork but it seemed like carne asada was the way to go. It was indeed.

Gelateria Naia

A magical shop with tons of flavors on hand. A beautiful thing.

Caramel Salato Gelato

I love salted caramel. Especially in frozen dairy treat form.

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