January 12, 2011 ~ 0 Comments


Here, Gary samples the fare at Korilla, a Korean-Mexican food truck.

Can I just say it’s about damned time we finally got an Asian-influenced Mexican food truck? Los Angeles has a kajillion Kogi trucks and we’re just now getting our own version in the form of Korilla? (By the way, if there’s another one out there that’s been around longer than these guys, I apologize!) The first time I tried their tacos, it was when they showed up at the Eater Awards, after I’d gobbled down plenty of food, not to mention putting away a few drinks – not the best way to really get a sense of what their food was like. Since then, I’ve been here twice, once for the bulgogi tacos and the other for the pulled pork burrito. […]

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August 18, 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Random Stops in San Francisco

Here, Gary shows off photos from a stop for coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee, a burrito run at Taqueria Cancun, and a dessert stop at Gelateria Naia.

For the final set of photos from San Francisco, we have a veritable potpourri of different places and foods. On our first morning in San Francisco, JP and I spent some time trying to find a coffee place – Google Maps sent us to a roasting warehouse first – before we finally stumbled upon local fave Blue Bottle Coffee. […]

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