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... to Foodie Call. Kate and Gary are two friends who like to get together every now and then to sample some of the best food New York City has to offer, whether it be in a restaurant or in their own kitchens.

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December 24, 2010 ~ 0 Comments


Here, Gary gets his slow cooked pork on at Crocktoberfest.

Back in October, I attended Crocktoberfest after being tipped off to its existence by Yvo over at The Feisty Foodie. What is Crocktoberfest, you may wonder? Why, it’s an event put on by The National Pork Board to “rediscover the rewards of cooking low and slow.” So, basically, lots of pork being cooked up in crock pots – yeah, that’s something I’d be down for. At this event, five finalists in a contest to come up with the best original pork slow cooker recipe had their recipes prepared to be served to event attendees. […]

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December 21, 2010 ~ 0 Comments


In this solo dining adventure, Gary finally checks out the $5 margherita pie promo at Totale.


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December 17, 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Saigon Shack

In this solo dining adventure, Gary tries the pho at Saigon Shack, a new Vietnamese place in Greenwich Village.

Saigon Shack.

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December 14, 2010 ~ 0 Comments


In this solo dining adventure, Gary visits Tabla one final time before it’s gone forever.


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